Locker rentals from the University of Toronto Engineering Society are available every year starting in September. Rentals are on a first-come first-serve basis. Please select your choice below.

Sizing and Price List

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You will be assigned a locker corresponding to your choice.

Several Engineering Discipline Clubs and the Arts and Science Student Union also provide lockers for rental. These lockers, outlined below, are available to students in every discipline of engineering.
Provider Location Size How to Purchase
MSE Club Wallberg Building (WB) basement, near WB39 Half size Contact the MSE Vice-Chair at
Mech Club Mechanical Building (MC) basement, near the Machine Shop Half size Fill out this Google Form and pay in cash at the MIE Club Office (MB 225C)
Mining Building (MB) basement, near the water fountain/washroom Quarter size
Mining Building (MB) 2nd floor, near the MIE Common Room Third size
Indy Club Mining Building Basement Quarter size Fill out this Google form, send an email to, or visit the MIE Club Office (MB 225B).
Mining Building 2nd Floor Third and quarter size
Rosebrugh Basement Half size
Civ Club Galbraith building (GB) 2nd Floor Half size and full size Visit the Civ Club Office (GB 123) or send an email to
ECE Club Bahen Center (BA) room 1120 (ECE Study Hall) Half size Visit the ECE Club Office (SF B640).
ASSU Sidney Smith building(SS) Half and third size Visit the ASSU office in SS 1068. Only PEY students are eligible for these lockers.